Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday at Tannehill State Park Trade Days

Well after not getting into bed last night until 1:00 am, I got up early like 8:00 am.  You always know you had a good auction if you get home late!!!   We had planned on going to trade days on Friday, so I HAD to get up  Well we got there early and enjoyed a full day there.                                         I was able to snag several items to put in our booth, which I was able to put in my booth today. The sooner you get the goods in your booth the sooner they can sell!!!                                                                            We walked alot and built up a  big appetite!!  We rode the train back to the restaurant and ate a great meal.    It was really nice spending time with the family on such a gorgeous day!!! Oh...and Micah  had a wonderful time riding in his wagon the whole time!!!

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  1. Haven't been to Tannehill Trade Days in a while! Can't wait to see your treasures!
    Have a Blessed Day!